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About Us

Allen G. Jones 
"As Creative  Director of  The ACE Film Co,. I have been producing has been an award winning Imagery for  over thirty years.  
Combining my lengthy Cinematography/photography expertise with my marketing experience I strive to find the right balance between creativity and commercial sense. 
With extensive experience in commercial film, photography and high definition 4K video, I take pride in delivering authenticity and realism throughout all my projects . 
My extensive experience of working with Real People; From the Vancouver 2010 Olympics to First Nations communities to national brands like IKEA, and Kokanee,
 we help businesses, organizations and communities of all sizes tell their stories and communicate their core marketing message. " 


The ACE Film Company is one of the most experienced and longest established film and video production houses in British Columbia. 
 With 8 years of shooting experience throughout Alberta followed by 30 years in B.C. the creative team. is led by Allen Jones
ACE was instrumental in presenting the 2010 story to the world by creating all the videos. Since we first won the Olympic bid, 
this story has been centered on the people of B.C. In this, ACE has demonstrated it’s strongest facility - working with Real People! 
Supported by an extensive creative team , ACE has produced top quality communications for Vancouver and international clients since 1988,, Throughout it's productions. ACE has won many prestigious awards for its work. 
Starting with primarily 35 mm film productions in the 80’s and 90’s, ACE has now fully invested in 4K production and editing equipment. Providing complete production services under one roof provides us with more flexibility, and allows ACE to deliver high quality productions efficiently and with cost certainty.  


Creative Form by Design

"I believe in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion. 
Authenticity is the ability to listen to what the story  tells us. 
But realism is not enough - there has to be vision,
 and the two together can make compelling imagery."